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Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Now Sold

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Noss Head Lighthouse Compound For Sale: £275,000. Click Here.

Sorry Now Sold

Welcome to the latest Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent website UPDATED NEWS HEADLINE frontpage. Details are added as soon as fresh lighthouse property for sale/rent comes to our attention. We search and research for more daily. Also worth keeping an eye on our sister website at Unique Property Bulletin [click here]. Meanwhile here at the Lighthouse For Sale Or Rent website, individual property details are navigated to via this front “News” page. Please check back regularly for additions, or join our free subscription Email Alert Service – just click here and type “LIGHTS” – we will then email you with news. The following headlines include…

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Isle of Man Lighthouse Keeper’s Home

For Sale

UNDER OFFERDouglas Head Lighthouse Station

Douglas Head Lighthouse Station

Photograph Courtesy: Isle of Man Film

A photograph of somewhere spectacularly unique – the lighthouse keepers’ compound at Douglas on the Isle of Man. Price reduction exclusive to the Lighthouses For Sale website: this lighthouse station is now £349,000Please note, the tower is not included.

NOW SOLD – Click Here To Study ARCHIVED Details 


Muckle Flugga Lighthouse Station


Muckle Flugga Lighthouse – Shore Station Keepers’ Compound: Flat 4

Flat 4, Muckle Flugga Shore Station, Burrafirth, Unst, Shetland, ZE2 9EQ - 3 Featured In Lighthouses For Sale or Rent Website

Muckle Flugga Lighthouse Shore Station

Photo Courtesy of Mr Mike Pennington

Flat 4, Muckle Flugga Shore Station, Burrafirth, Unst, ZE2 9EQ By Mike Pennington

Muckle Flugga Lighthouse Shore Station & Sandy Shores

Photo Courtesy of Mr Pennington

Now sold: £85,000

Further Details:

NOW SOLD Click Here To Study ARCHIVED Details

Muckle Flugga Lighthouse Martin Third 3

Photograph courtesy of Martin Third. 

Just for completeness, the above photograph is of the actual Muckle Flugga Lighthouse. this is not for sale. It is, however, the reason that the Shoreside Station was built, and of which a part is now for sale.s now for sale. P.S. can you spot the landing place for the lighthouse pictured above?




Starting From £79,000 Each

Rattray Head MAIN

Lighthouse Cottages, Rattray Head: Top Left of Photograph

Rattray Head Assistant Lighthouse Keepers' Houses RSZ

Lighthouse Cottages, Rattray Head, Rattray, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. AB42 3HA.

Photo Courtesy of Bartolomeo-Gorgoglio

An adventure awaits, with FIVE former lighthouse keepers’ dwellings for sale in the compound [pictured above top left of photo]. The price for a former lighthouse keeper’s house here start from £79,000. All located in a spectacular setting. The lighthouse tower just offshore is NOT included, but the 11 miles of beaches are free for you to walk with their sublime beauty. Further Details...

Rattray Head Lighthouse Buildings For Sale: CLICK HERE


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One tasty example coming up for sale later in 2016/2017.

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WHOLE Lighthouse Compound: Offers Over £300,000.


Second Assistant Keeper’s House: £79,000. First Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s House: £81,000. The Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House: £140,000.

Cantick Head Photographers Resources

Cantick Head Lighthouse Cottages, Longhope, Island of Hoy, Orkney, KW16 3PQ

Photograph Attribution & Recommended Picture Supplier:

Cantick Head and RNLI

Sea View From Cantick Head Lighthouse Cottages

Further Details:

Cantick Head Lighthouse Keepers’ Houses For Sale: Click Here

Mainland Passenger Ferry Passing Skervuile Lighthouse, Jura, Argyll

Photograph Courtesy of Adam Ward

Please note, the property for sale is the shore station lighthouse keeper’s house.


Skervuile Lighthouse Shore Station

Now Sold.

Skervuile lighthouse

Skervuile Lighthouse Keepers’ Dwelling, Isle of Jura, Argyll

Photograph copyright reproduction with much appreciation to Dr Douglas Wilcox and

The Sea Kayak Photo Website: Click Here.

The building for sale is a substantial three storey former shoreside lighthouse keeper’s dwelling. Located in a spectacularly beautiful part of the Island of Jura. Guide price: £320,000. NOW SOLD. Please note, the small, offshore lighthouse TOWER is not included in this sale.

Click Here For ARCHIVED Research Skervuile, Jura Details



Can You Keep A Secret?

Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Buildings Photo By Ian Cowe

Even The Estate Agents Don’t Know About This Lighthouse Building Sale Yet!

Photograph Courtesy of Ian Cowe (here)

We have been asked by readers for some additional lifestyle content. Lighthouses are handsome and noble buildings with dramatic locations, but the constructive comments and inbound emails we have received are correct. The visually vertical vernacular throughout this website can be a little monolithic at times. So this current edition we are giving a little of the back-end detail. The odd human being appears in the occasional photograph to complement the lighthouse buildings and towers. Plus some of the back story for various aspects of what appears on this website. To start the ball rolling we are answering a couple of the more regular mailbag questions. Better still, to help old and new readers alike, we now have a dedicated How? & Who? section. As a segue here is a seemingly obscure opening gambit…


Read on for the back-story…

Hamish MacBethPic1

Highland Policeman Hamish Macbeth Portrayed By Actor Robert Carlyle

Photo Attribution: BBC 

The light hearted rural police drama featured adventures of the eponymous, eccentric character in uniform, inhabited brilliantly by Robert Carlyle. The BBC series was must-watch television on a Sunday night in the 1990’s.

But here’s the thing. In real life there are actual Hamish Macbeths. You are reading the words of one right here and now. Just exactly as I am tapping them out on the old keyboard for you. Curiously, it is an obscure fact that thanks to a Teuchter version of the Old Bill – and a lot of training at police college, this website has been created. If it were not for a real life Hamish Macbeth, then Lighthouses For Sale or Rent would not be here. An unusual turn of fate?

For me, the days of trundling around island police stations detecting who had pinched Christmas trees from the local forestry, or finding felons fishing for salmon with dynamite are long gone. But the lengthy tuition and experience in that career has left an indelible appetite for sleuthing. A mixture Sherlock Holmes and Hamish Macbeth. This transfers very well to truffling out lighthouses for sale. Especially the juicy ones that nobody knows about yet (unless you are a regular reader of our pages here). There is a lot more to this, and perhaps we might visit that at a later date. Indeed, if any of our readers would like an additional “Lighthouse Lifestyle” section, as suggested by some of our regulars, please let us know: click here.

Just for now, and to show a little of the methodology that we heartily advocate, along with a good dose of detective work, I ran another test search – via our handy Unique Property Manual. Surprise, surprise it yielded nice new beaming result –  a secret even the estate agents don’t yet know about. Fact: I am 99% certain that the Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Keepers Houses will be coming up for sale during 2016.

Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Buildings Photo By Ron Ireland

Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Keepers Houses Will Be Coming Up For Sale Soon

Photo Courtesy of Ron Ireland

Would you like to know more? Well I will let you into a secret, but promise not to tell anyone 🙂

Click Here For The How? & Who? – Plus Some Lighthouse Secrets Revealed



Fancy This Little Lighthouse Tower For £10,000?

Winkie Lighthouse Tower

Winkie Point Lighthouse Tower. 

Sorry You Just Missed It 🙁

How to avoid missing more like this…

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Toward - End-of-The-Rainbow-Holiday - Russ McLean

Clover Cottage Located Just Behind Toward Lighthouse: Left Hand Rainbow’s End

Photograph: Russ McLean

Click Here For Further Details



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Strathy Point Lighthouse Buildings Photo Mr Ian Cowe

Copyright 2015 Mr Ian Cowe (here)

Strathy Point Lighthouse Compound, Caithness & Sutherland, KW14 7RY.

Engine Room Conversion: Guide: £90,000 – NOW SOLD

Click Here For Archived Details: Strathy Lighthouse Engine Room Conversion



AS A WHOLE, OR IN PARTS – Building By Building

Point Lynas Lighthouse

Point Lynas Lighthouse Compound For Sale (c) Menai Holiday Cottages

Now Available To Buy Whole Or In Single Parts

ALERT – We now have ONE buyer for the SINGLE BUILDINGS option. Would you like to consider joining in and buying ONE of the other separate homes within this lighthouse compound? If so, please get in touch: CLICK HERE.

THE WHOLE LIGHTHOUSE COMPOUND is available at £1,3750,000.

Now available as INDIVIDUAL former keepers’ houses at around

£375,000 Each

Please Click Here – Point Lynas Lighthouse Webpage



Offers Over £190,000 Sorry Now “UNDER OFFER”

Keepers Cottage, Holborn Head Lighthouse, Scrabster, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7UJ Bill Fernie

Keepers Cottage, Holborn Head Lighthouse, Scrabster, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7UJ

Photograph Courtesy of Mr Bill Fernie

A 3 bedroom detached former lighthouse keeper’s house for sale.

Further Details:

Holborn Head Lighthouse Buildings For Sale – Click Here For ARCHIVED Details


Island of Grunay For Sale

Plus Lighthouse Keepers’ Houses

All For Just £85,000 Sorry Now “Under Offer”

Isle of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland Lighthouse Buildings For Sale 2

Island of Grunay, Out Skerries, Shetland

Island of Grunay & Lighthouse Keeper’s Home Details: Click Here


Former Hartland Point Lighthouse TOWER and HOMES

For Sale: £450,000 NOW UNDER OFFER

BUT YOU CAN BE PROACTIVE AND GO FIND SIMILAR ONES. HOW? READ ON…Hartland Point Lighthouse Tower & Keeper's Cottage, By Roger Kidd MAIN

Hartland Point Lighthouse Tower & Keeper’s Cottage, Bideford, Devon

Photograph Courtesy of Mr Roger Kidd

Don’t be frustrated if you have missed something like this – there will be more coming up for sale.

But HOW do you achieve the edge? Find them first?

Unique Property Manual - Photo From Marius Ciocanel

Our Unique Property Manual has been written by someone who has searched, found, funded and bought a number of lighthouse buildings. In addition the author is now determined to help other folk with a similar lighthouse lifestyle appetite find their dream beam home…

Unique Property Manual: Written To Help You Find Your Ideal Home

Click Here To Consider Buying A Copy of The Unique Property Manual

Archived Photographs & Earlier Sale Details For Hartland Point: Click Here.



Pendeen Lighthouse Holidays

Pendeen Lighthouse Keeper’s House Holidays

Pendeen Lighthouse Compound, Pendeen, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7ED.

A nice way for lighthouse aficionados to appreciate the variety of locations and structures.

Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent Dedicated Page: Click Here.



Lighthouse Buildings To BUY – SOUTHERN British Isles

We have plenty of lighthouse buildings that have come up for sale since we went online in July 2012 with this website. However the majority have been at a latitude north of Walney Island (sold) or Douglas on the Isle of Man (available for sale click here ).

This month we have had three different readers ask if we could find a lighthouse building for sale on the southern part of the country or even the south coast. Something ideally like the lighthouse property on Godrevy Island in St Ives Bay as an example:-

Godrevey Island Lighthouse Photo By Trinity House

Lighthouse Buildings on Godrevy Island

Though for the avoidance of doubt Godrevy Island Lighthouse is NOT for sale.

We are just yearning to help our readers with some lighthouse buildings in the southern half of the British Isles.

If you are considering a sale of your lighthouse property, and would like to try a top internet ranking website, please feel free to get in touch:-

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Godrevy Island – Do You Have Something Like This To Sell?

So far, our group of eccentric lighthouse dwellers at Lighthouses For Sale or Rent and the merry band of 38,000 readers here have bought up or introduced sales excess of £2,265,000. We promise to do our best to help you, whether you are buying or selling a lighthouse building.


Killantringan Lighthouse Buildings

Killantringan Lighthouse

Killantringan Lighthouse Buildings

Reduced From £650,000 to

£485,000Sorry, Now Sold

Please Click Here For Archived  Killantringan Lighthouse Details



Whitby Lighthouse Photo Courtesy of J Thomas

Vanguard & Galatea Cottages, Whitby Lighthouse, Ling Hill, Whitby Yorkshire

Photograph Courtesy of J. Thomas

A beautiful location and fine place to experience lighthouse life.

Please Click Here For Whitby Lighthouse Cottage Details



Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Buildings – NOW SOLD

Scurdie Ness Dona Robbins Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Buildings (c) 2015 Dona Robbins

Guide £360,000 For The Whole Compound


The dedicated Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound page is:-

Via This Click-Link For Scurdie Ness Keeper’s House Details


Whilst Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent is a not-for-profit website, we cannot help but SELL lighthouse buildings. Even though we are NOT an estate agency the sales keep on happening!


So if you would like to have your lighthouse building featured on this website – and help keep this facility going for other like-minded lighthouse building folk, please feel free to get in touch. We may be able to help you sell your building. For whatever reason we are lucky enough to have a high Google ranking in lighthouses for sale or rent. We would be delighted to share this facility with you. A modest honorarium for assistance rendered has been the way we have managed to secure several lighthouse property sales for a significant number of visitors, friends and members.

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St Anns Head Lighthouse Tower

St Anns Head Lighthouse Tower, Pembrokeshire (c) 2015 Savills

We do, of course list Lighthouse Towers, but they are rarer than former Lighthouse Keepers’ homes. We advise, elsewhere on this website and our sister Unique Property Bulletin site about LIGHTHOUSE TOWERS that ARE coming up for sale. As for St Anns Head Lighthouse Tower: CLICK HERE.