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Lighthouses For Sale or Rent Newspage/Homepage is being updated between 15th & 17th April 2014. Please check back for new news tonight or tomorrow. Thanks.


For those readers, like us, that don’t yet have a thorough knack of the internet, please consider use of the F5 Button

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This refreshes the content for any website page you are on. Particularly if that is a dynamic webpage with changing content. Your computer “caches” or stores the page automatically in it’s temporary filing system so when you revisit it, the system doesn’t have to download the whole thing again from the internet and hosting website. The good thing is this makes your web viewing a lot quicker. The one drawback is if that website has news or useful updates. Sometimes you might miss these until your computer gets around to flushing it’s cache. Yup, we aren’t too sure what that means either!

To ensure you don’t miss anything, start using the F5 Button on your keyboard every now and then. It flushes your cache don’t you know :-)

The F5 Button is located at the top row of your keyboard.

Hopefully, like us, something new is learned every day.

We know some things in life we would like to F5 !

Meanwhile we are off to sort out the new News Page and will upload it here at this very spot in the next 24 to 48 hours. See you soon.