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Stoer Head Lighthouse Homes x 3

Ranging from £22,500 to £175,000

The Stoer Head Lighthouse Compound. Tower not included in the sale.

Photograph courtesy of Mr Jim Tod

Available at either £367,500 for the whole compound, or individually at…

Ground floor, former lighthouse keeper’s flat (2 bedroom): £175,000.

First floor, former lighthouse keeper’s flat (2 bedroom): £170,000.

Detached occasional lighthouse keeper’s bothy: £22,500.

Stoer Head Lighthouses For Sale

Stoer Head Lighthouses For Sale

Photo Attribution With Thanks To Orchid Room

Further details and an introduction to the owner…

Click Here – Stoer Head Lighthouse Details.

Please note, The TOWER is NOT included in the sale.


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Whitby Lighthouse Foghorn Station For Sale

The old foghorns are now decommissioned, so no big noises!

Whitby Lighthouse Foghorn Homes For Sale

Fine old photograph….

Whitby Lighthouse Foghorn Homes For Sale

This Foghorn Station was originally built in 1858 as a fully functional lighthouse – and a second light just along the coast from the main tower here. Latterly this building was turned into a foghorn station. Then in 1992 it was decommissioned and sold by Trinity House to private owners.

The Foghorn Station, Hawsker, Whitby, YO22 4JY

The old foghorn building has owner’s accommodation within it; plus a holiday cottage element with a very useful income from that part of the property.

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Rattray Head Lighthouse Keepers’ Compound 

Starting From £79,000 Per Keeper’s House

Lighthouse Cottages, Rattray Head: Click Here

Aerial Photo: Rattray Lighthouses: Top Left of Photograph

An adventure awaits, with FIVE former lighthouse keepers’ dwellings for sale in the compound [pictured above top left of photo]. The price for a former lighthouse keeper’s house here start from £79,000. All located in a spectacular setting. The lighthouse tower just offshore is NOT included, but the 11 miles of beaches are free for you to walk with their sublime beauty. Further Details…

Rattray Head Lighthouse Buildings For Sale: CLICK HERE

Please note, The TOWER is NOT included in the sale.



Little Ross Island Lighthouse Compound

For Sale – Guide: £325,000 – Now Sold

Little Ross Island Lighthouse Compound

Little Ross Island and it’s various lighthouse (and farm/barn) buildings, may be “under offer”, but it is still worthwhile keeping an eye on the current selling progress – in case the place comes back up for sale. Over the past three decades, we have seen, first hand the fact that several lighthouse buildings have come back after the first sale effort falls through. Our very own HQ for this website at Noss Head Lighthouse Station was one such second-time-around sale/purchase.

Little Ross Island Lighthouses – Tower Not Included

Picture Courtesy of Sea Kayak Photos

Studying this pretty amazing island lighthouse station we are struck with how similar the buildings are, plus the tower and quarterdeck to our new website base in the far north. Even the interior layout of the main building is remarkably similar…

Little Ross Island – Main Lighthouse Accommodation

Please do not scale. Copyright courtesy of Potterpland Ltd

If this small island and lighthouse compound do come back up for sale we will let all our subscribing readers know. If you would like to go on our lighthouse for sale email alert list, please Click Here.

Current BBC News Report: Click Here



Noss Head Lighthouse Station

Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling

Good Airport Connection Links To London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, etc.

Remote, but accessible. This lighthouse keeper’s home is located with views of the iconic end of the country that hosts the ever popular endurance tests from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Whether you or your family and friends fancy walking, running, cycling or as Jeremy Clarkson did, just have a leisurely drive up north – far north – you will probably have seen this spectacular lighthouse on the road just before the top end of the country!

Noss Head Lighthouse Compound

The Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage – a 3 to 4 bedroom holiday rental property will be available from Spring 2018. It has double glazing and oil fired central heating and is currently undergoing a redecoration and upgrading ready for the new season next year. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Click Here For Further Details of Principal Keeper’s Cottage

Principal Keeper’s Cottage: For Rent In 2018

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Photo courtesy of Mr Derek Bremner

Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House – Farthest Away From The Cliff!


Please note, this website and it’s sister publication: Unique Property Bulletin will be housed in the neighbouring building: The Old Engine House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT.

The Old Engine House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station

The Old Engine House is not for sale – just introducing the PLK owner to their new neighbours!

The Old Engine House, Noss Head Lighthouse Station

The detached building to the lower left of the photograph is this website’s new home. Whilst the building to the lower right is the Principal Keeper’s House. That could be your new holiday destination.

Not for sale – just introducing our readers to the home of where this website is prepared and published!



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Tarbat Ness Lighthouses – We Helped One of Our  Readers Find A Buyer For This

Photo By The Talented Ian Cowe: Click Here

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St Anns Head Lighthouse Holiday Accommodation

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Try before you buy. It’s a good idea to sample lighthouse life before taking the plunge and buying. We thoroughly recommend it. Indeed if you are considering a purchase of some lighthouse buildings, we advise you spend a couple of weeks in the summer and again in the winter staying at a lighthouse holiday letting – to see if you like the lifestyle and it likes you!

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Advance Notice of Lighthouse Sales

Giving you the edge in achieving that dream purchase.

We also detect future sales and give our loyal readers advance notice of extra special treats long before they actually hit the estate agent’s window. For example…

Tod Head Lighthouse Tower For Sale – Now Sold

Photo Copyright: Russ McLean

Approximately one year before this incredibly rare lighthouse TOWER came up for sale, our property sleuths managed to alert and help this website’s readers have vital advance notice the tower might be placed on the open market. Having those extra months to prepare your finances and due diligence can mean the difference between you securing your dream beacon building and losing it.

Full background story AND future lighthouse buildings possibly coming up for sale: click here.

Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouses In 1999.

We were really lucky in buying these Ailsa Craig Lighthouse buildings. Surely if our small group of friends can have this sort of adventure, you can too?

After a great deal of enjoyment and pleasure, we eventually sold the Ailsa Craig Island lighthouses to a gentleman about 16 years ago. He hasn’t done much with the picturesque properties since then. However to those who listen astutely, he has advised he would sell the Ailsa Craig Lighthouses. Curious? Keep an eye on this website and consider signing up for our email alert service…

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Photo By The Brilliant Ian Cowe: Click Here

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Can You Keep A Secret?

Rinns of Islay Lighthouse Buildings Photo By Ian Cowe

Even The Estate Agents Don’t Know About This Lighthouse Building Sale Yet!

Photograph Courtesy of Ian Cowe (here)

We have been asked by readers for some additional lifestyle content. Lighthouses are handsome and noble buildings with dramatic locations, but the constructive comments and inbound emails we have received are correct. The visually vertical vernacular throughout this website can be a little monolithic at times. So this current edition we are giving a little of the back-end detail. The odd human being appears in the occasional photograph to complement the lighthouse buildings and towers. Plus some of the back story for various aspects of what appears on this website. To start the ball rolling we are answering a couple of the more regular mailbag questions. Better still, to help old and new readers alike, we now have a special…

How & Who Article To Help You Find More Lighthouses For Sale

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This is a must read for the dedicated lighthouse property sleuth. If you are determined to find one of these lighthouse buildings to live in for yourself, then our special article is a reasonable starting point.


Read on for the back-story…Hamish MacBethPic1Highland Policeman Hamish Macbeth Portrayed By Actor Robert Carlyle

Photo Attribution: BBC 

The light hearted rural police drama featured adventures of the eponymous, eccentric character in uniform, inhabited brilliantly by Robert Carlyle. The BBC series was must-watch television on a Sunday night in the 1990’s.

But here’s the thing. In real life there are actual Hamish Macbeths. You are reading the words of one right here and now. Just exactly as I am tapping them out on the old keyboard for you. Curiously, it is an obscure fact that thanks to a Teuchter version of the Old Bill – and a lot of training at police college, this website has been created. If it were not for a real life Hamish Macbeth, then Lighthouses For Sale or Rent would not be here.

Would you like to know more? Well I will let you into a secret, but promise not to tell anyone 🙂

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Fancy This Little Lighthouse Tower For £10,000?

Winkie Lighthouse Tower

Winkie Point Lighthouse Tower. 

Sorry You Just Missed It 🙁

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Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Buildings – NOW SOLD

Scurdie Ness Dona Robbins


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