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Burnham High Lighthouse (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

Holiday In A Lighthouse Tower

Whilst Lighthouse Towers may be very rare to buy, there are several exceptionally nice holiday destinations where you can rent either the whole Lighthouse Tower, or a dedicated apartment within it. This particularly fine example is Burnham High Lighthouse in Somerset.

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 Burnham High Lighthouse – With Stripes (c) 2013 Owner’s Collection

You will need to be fairly fit for the stairs. Or you will be fit after a week here ! There is a smaller lighthouse relatively nearby, but this isn’t for rent. Though it is very picturesque.

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Burnham is known for it’s beach and mudflats. Please BE CAUTIOUS about the sea-sand areas. OBSERVE THE WARNING signs on the beaches. Not just for soft sinking sand hazards, but this area has one of the highest tidal ranges in the United Kingdom.

In the 1990s Burnham High Lighthouse was deactivated and sold by Trinity House. We understand it was bought by a member of the Rothschild Family. Thereafter around 1996 it changed hands to a new owner. Burnham High Lighthouse was designed and built by Joseph Nelson for Trinity House, in the 1830s and equipped with a paraffin lamp, which shone through a half-gallery under a window. It was used in conjunction with the Low lighthouse which is still operating, to replace the original Roundhouse Tower Lighthouse.

Owner’s Narrative & Rental Details:-

Burnham High Lighthouse stands at 110 feet (33 metres) tall and was the first lighthouse in England to become fully automated.

After painstaking restoration, it has now been converted to become Britain’s first self-contained holiday let – set inside an eight-storey lighthouse tower.

You, your friends and family now have the chance to live like a Lighthouse Keeper.

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