Burnham High Lighthouse Tower

Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, TA8 2HN

For Sale: NOW SOLD Offers over: £525,000.

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^^ Burnham High Lighthouse ^^

Fully Converted To A Home

This is a very rare item. A lighthouse TOWER for sale. It has been fully converted to holiday accommodation and may be suitable either for continued use as the occupancy rates are over 90%, or if you fancy living vertically with a fantastic view, then this could be a very nice home.

Location and/or old fashioned Royal Mail…

Burnham High Lighthouse
Berrow Road

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Burnham High Lighthouse was designed and built by Joseph Nelson for Trinity House, in the 1830s. The tower was equipped with a paraffin lamp, which shone through a half-gallery under a window. Burnham High Tower was used in conjunction with the Low Lighthouse which is still operating. The latter replaced the original Roundhouse Tower Lighthouse.

Burnham High Lighthouse stands at 110 feet (33 metres) tall and was the first lighthouse in England to become fully automated.

After painstaking restoration by the current owner, it has now been converted to become Britain’s first self-contained holiday lighthouse tower for rent. Set inside an eight-storey lighthouse tower. You, your friends and family now have the chance to live like a Lighthouse Keeper.




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