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Best to TEXT us on: 0757-2768-795. 

This is a not-for-profit website run by volunteers. On 28th February 2020, we opened a dedicated office for this website and are currently looking to employ a modest number of staff to help the core volunteers help you.

It is important to clarify, we are NOT an estate agency. NO commission is charged nor sought.

We are just a group of friends who either own or have owned/lived in lighthouse buildings and similar unique properties and we are keen to help other like-minded lighthouse folk to realise their dreams to live in a unique style of home.

On this lighthouse buildings for sale and rent website (plus our sister site at, we share details of unusual and interesting properties. We are more than happy to make introductions to buyers and sellers.

In addition, we are very happy to help in other ways. For example, the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) use a specific type of masonry paint that is particularly formulated and manufactured for their lighthouse towers. We have a good working relationship with the paint manufacturer and can arrange for lighthouse property owning friends to secure the same, bespoke paint that is used by the NLB. This is just one example of many ways our modest group of friends who own or lease lighthouse buildings can help each other.

There is normally one of our volunteers on duty if you prefer to telephone. But if that volunteer is driving or otherwise disposed and you don’t attract an answer, PLEASE TEXT your enquiry and we will generally reply within a couple of hours.

Thank you. 

You can also get in touch the old fashioned way by writing to us here:-

Unique Property & Lighthouses, Abbey Studios, 280 High Street, Arbroath, Angus, DD11 1JF.


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