Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home For Sale: Offers Over: £85,000

Former Lighthouse Keeper’s Home For Sale

Offers Between: £85,000 and £99,500

Noss Head Lighthouse Compound

Available for viewings 19th June 2017 to 4th July 2017. Thereafter, next viewing slot by arrangement. Please call/text 0793 557 2803 or click here.

This Was The Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling at Noss Head Lighthouses. The building for sale is outlined in red ink.

This lighthouse keeper’s property is now surplus to requirements and is for sale with full vacant possession.

Spectacular Location On A Huge Lump Of Granite Rock

Photo with compliments to Mr Derek Bremner

Overlooks a beautiful wee Loch…

The guide price for this 3 to 4 bedroom house is between: £85,000 & £99,500.

Title is Feuhold (Freehold equivalent). The best quality of title available.

Please note, the lighthouse tower is NOT included.

This 3 to 4 bedroom former Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home (PLK) is now available for sale. All offers above £85,000 will be given serious consideration.

If you are determined to buy the property, the first person to make a formal offer at £99,500 will receive a positive response and is very likely to secure a guaranteed sale of the keeper’s house for their family home (or possibly buy-to-let holiday investment property). However, if you love to haggle, then all offers above £85,000 will be given careful consideration. Below this paragraph is a plan drawing for guidance. The MAIN building for sale known as Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House (PLK) is to the RIGHT of the vertical red line….

Layout Plan For Guidance Only

Please do not scale.

The smaller property to the left of the vertical red line is the Relief Keeper’s Cottage – otherwise known as the “Occasional Lighthouse Keeper’s House” (OLK). This three room lighthouse building is also available. Being sold “as, is”. Offers over £22,500. The first person to make a firm offer of £29,500 is likely to receive a positive reply and end up being the owner.

Noss Head Lighthouse Station – General View

Approximately 6 years ago, this building was leased out for 3 years on a corporate let. The lease amount was in the order of 25,000 Euros. This money was spent on this property – providing new double glazing + the installation of a new oil fired central heating system + overhaul and renewal of the roof.

Buyers will require to make their own due diligence as to the works carried out. The new owner will have their own personal tastes on internal layout and decor. Whilst recently empty during the sale process – where the previous owners dating back 20 years were selling the compound following a probate – this house has been kept on a care-and-maintenance basis for several months until the current sale completed on 26th May 2017. The new owners of the whole compound with four lighthouse homes on it do not need all of the buildings.

Consequently, this individual property has been made available for sale. Comparable buildings to this Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s former dwelling of typical of Northern Lighthouse Board construction, are available elsewhere for sale at £170,000 (example: click here). So this specific property at the Noss Head Lighthouse Compound now available for offers between £85,000 and £99,500 represents very reasonable value for money in comparison.

Noss Head Lighthouse Station Aerial View

Principal Keeper’s House located at lower left of this picture – the one with the new roof shaded light gray/green.

This former lighthouse keeper’s house for sale is located 10 minutes drive from Wick Airport (here). There are between 3 and 5 scheduled flights each day from Wick Airport. It is very civilised. The noise of aircraft is not anything like the problem of living under London Heathrow’s flight path! The benefit is that having a modest regional airport nearby to the lighthouses means flight travel to London, Manchester, Edinburgh and beyond to other UK airports and also international  hub airports is managed with relative ease. Noss Head Lighthouses are far from the madding crowd, yet very accessible as a sanctuary away from high paced city life. 

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

The building for sale is to the left of the lighthouse tower in the photograph above . This photograph was taken at 11pm at night on 29th May 2017.

The Principal Keeper’s House (PLK) and Occasional/Relief Keeper’s House (OLK) is the main rectangular building to the left half of the picture above, with the sun setting behind it. 

 ^  Lounge – or Possibly Bedroom Number 4  ^

This 3 to 4 bedroom former lighthouse keeper’s house for sale at offers over £85,000 has two reception rooms, so depending upon your needs, it is entirely possible to utilise the current lounge as a 4th bedroom and have the dining room as a lounge/diner. In fact there is sufficient room in the kitchen to have that room fulfill the function of a kitchen/diner.

These are all good sized rooms and more than capable of supporting either a 3 or a 4 bedroom layout depending upon the new owner’s preference.

It is worth noting that local buildings without any coastal views are utilised for holiday accommodation and do very well. If a buy-to-let investor was intending to grow their property portfolio, and especially with something that little bit special, then this may well be a good candidate property to study. As mentioned, the recent corporate let secured 25,000 Euros for a three year period. So there is palpable demand for this style of property on the rental/investment market. More traditional holiday lets for a week or fortnight booking should be capable of being managed by the local estate agent.

In addition, here at the website…

“Lighthouses For Sale or Rent”

…we would gladly provide a very special rate for those seeking to buy this building and advertise it for holiday lettings.

 ^  Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home – Dining Room/Lounge  ^

Ideally a visit to the property is the best way to assess it’s condition and suitability for your needs. Contact details to ask questions, and if you would like,to arrange a viewing are provided weblink at the bottom of this page.

 ^  Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home – Kitchen or Kitchen/Diner  ^

 ^  Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keepers’ Home – Master Bedroom  ^

 ^  Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home – Bedroom 2  ^

 ^  Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home – Bedroom 3  ^

 Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home – Sea View From Bedroom 3 Through Double Glazed Windows

 ^  Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home – Main Bathroom  ^

 Driveway To The Noss Head Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home

Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House

Vacant Possession. Title Boundary In Red Outline

There is a large garden area to the front of this building and a grassed area of land to the sides. Access is over the road shaded blue. Draft title plan boundaries derived from the last HM Land Registry disposition/deed conveyance for this property are outlined in red. This plan drawing id for guidance only and subject to the routine solicitors and HM Land Registry filing requirements.

Please do not travel to the lighthouse without first checking with us that it is still fully for sale. Our contact number is 0793 557 2803.

Location: Principal Keeper’s House, Noss Head Lighthouse Compound, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT

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Google Map Showing Boundary of Noss Head Lighthouse Compound: Click Here.

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Connectivity – Wick Airport (here) provides an easy access to and from the lighthouses...



This photograph was taken at 11pm at night on 29th May 2017. This is the view, a short walk from your front door. You already have beautiful views from the Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House to the north and south of your future home/investment property. This lighthouse tower nearby is possibly the icing on the cake. Here is a similar photograph viewpoint taken during the next day…

The Main Lighthouse Tower Is Not For Sale

But this picture is indicative of the general views from all around the lighthouse compound.


Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Home

EPC Certificate…