Scurdie Ness

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Keepers’ Dwellings

Sold In 2014. NOT Currently For Sale.

This page is now archived. Though if the owners of Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Station would ever like to sell their property, we have a cash buyer waiting.

A Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Buildings Kevan Dickin

Lighthouse Keepers Houses, Scurdie Ness, Montrose (c) Kevan Dickin

Sold During 2014

If the new owners wish to resell, please consider contacting us:

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Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound

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Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound

Photograph: Mr Ian Cowe

In Summer 2014 the former lighthouse keepers’ accommodation at Scurdie Ness, Montrose, Angus came up for sale. This included the main building, plus a detached Bothy

However at Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent, we had been contacted by a former Montrose resident wishing to buy a modest holiday home in their old town – one of the two pre-existing lighthouse keepers’ flats that make up this building. In the summer of 2014 we were making best endeavours to seek a buyer for the other one of these FORMER FLATTED LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER DWELLINGS – either the Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling, or the First Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling at approximately £170,000. This status progressed to two willing buyers. Unfortunately we just got pipped to the post and the lighthouse compound was sold to an alternate buyer.

Hence the effort to ensure that the new owners of Scurdie Ness are aware they have buyers ready, willing and able to effort a new offer, should the current (post-October 2014) owners wish to place the Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound back up for sale. Please feel free to contact us directly at Lighthouse For Sale Or Rent by Clicking Here.

The original way we were coordinating a bid to buy this compound in 2014 was via our solicitors ensuring that the seller received ONE offer for the WHOLE compound, and the buyers ending up with their respective parts of the property. Legally split from the head title into separate single house parts formerly the original individual lighthouse keepers’ dwellings. We have arranged this style of lighthouse keepers’ houses to separate buyers before. In the proposed Scurdie Ness instance this would be:

Flat 1: £170,000 – Buyer Ready To Proceed.

The Bothy* £20,000 – Buyer Ready To Proceed.

Flat 2: £170,000 – Buyer Now Bridged – Though Still Open: Click Here

TOTAL: £360,000

[* The Bothy is being sought as a quiet alternate sanctuary/office for the internet websites Unique Property Bulletin + Lighthouses For Sale or Rent and related internet website editor to “Escape To The Country” and compile the narrative for these websites].

Scurdie Ness FLOOR PLANS

Plans: Current Configuration, But Earlier, Two Flatted Dwelling Layout Is Visible

It is a little more complex than this. Though fortunately the subscribers of this website, Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent have a good firm of solicitors that are very well experienced in distilling constituent parts of lighthouse compounds, and coordinating dual part offers into one single Scottish Legal Form Offer for the owners to consider. 

Lighthouses For Sale Scurdie Ness 7

Lighthouse Keepers Houses, Scurdie Ness (c) Lighthouses For Sale

Copyright: 2014 Lighthouses For Sale or Rent/Unique Property Bulletin Ltd

At Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent we have been lucky in seeing and experiencing this style of property distillation process work, first hand, time after time, with excellent results. Most importantly a successful sale for the owner, and a very happy set of buyers for each component part of a lighthouse compound.

Scurdiness Main Lighthouse Home RSZ

Main Lighthouse Keeper’s House, Scurdie Ness, Montrose (c) Savills

Upper Flat Connected To Lower Flat By Covered Outside Staircase

Archived Detail: “So if you would like to enquire further about wither the whole compound, or two parts, please get in touch. Especially if you fancy one flat of a £360,000 Lighthouse Keeper’s House at less than half the headline price. At just £170,000 this may be the start of an amazing property adventure. Please Click Here for more information.”

General Description:-

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse was built in the late 1860s after the seafaring community of Ferryden petitioned the Commissioner of Northern Lighthouses in 1867 to establish a light on Montrose Point. There was no lighthouse between the Bell Rock and Girdle Ness (Aberdeen). The treacherous rocky coastline had been the scene of numerous shipwrecks and a remedy to this was required. This came in the form of a new lighthouse tower and lighthouse keepers’ accommodation at Scurdie Ness, Montrose, Angus. The automation of the lighthouse tower [now remotely controlled by the Northern Lighthouse Board from their HQ in Edinburgh] meant the gradual retirement of the lighthouse keepers. Subsequently the surplus lighthouse keeper accommodation has been sold off when time has progressed and the buildings have become vacant.

AAA Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound Alan Morrison

Lighthouse Keepers Houses, Scurdie Ness, Montrose (c) Alan Morrison

The lighthouse was built by David and Thomas Stevenson. The light was lit for the first time at 6 o’clock on the evening of 1st March 1870 amidst cheers from the crowds gathered on the links and the sands. Scurdie Ness was converted to automatic operation in 1987.

Lighthouses For Sale Scurdie Ness 2

Lighthouse Keepers Houses, Scurdie Ness (c) Lighthouses For Sale

Copyright: 2014 Lighthouses For Sale or Rent/Unique Property Bulletin Ltd



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If you would like an email alert or update surrounding the Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound position, please let us know:-

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Original Estate Agency Description: The Lighthouse Keeper’s House has a unique setting, standing in splendid isolation on the North Sea coast while at the same time having the benefit of local amenities nearby in Montrose. Originally constructed around 1870 as two dwellings, one for each of the two keepers, the house is built of stone and brick under a slate roof.

Scurdie Ness RSZ 3

Main Lighthouse Keepers House: View From Conservatory (c) Savills

Current Layout:-

Accommodation: The ground floor of the house has two reception rooms, a shower room, a study or fifth bedroom and a kitchen. The current owners have built a two storey, south-east facing conservatory which is accessed from the kitchen and from the master bedroom.

A spacious stairwell gives access to the first floor which has a similar layout to the ground floor and provides four double bedrooms and a bathroom. The upper conservatory opens off the master bedroom and on a sunny day provides a warm place to sit and admire the ever changing views out to sea. On stormy days it is a wonderful vantage point to observe the power of the sea.

AAA Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound Dan Geo

Lighthouse Compound & Nearby Beach Scurdie Ness (c) Dan Geo

Outside: Within the walls of the lighthouse complex tarred areas provide parking space and give access to various outbuildings which include two single garages and one double garage. There is also a small building which may have been a pigsty and is now used as a store. A timber greenhouse adjoins a wall of the house.

A timber chalet with two main rooms, a small study, wc and studio provides a useful artist’s studio. It is double glazed and has electricity and water and windows overlooking the sea.


Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Photo Montage: Click Here

As well as the unique nature of this fabulous place to stay at Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Compound, it has a number of extra special features:-

1] Remote but remarkably accessible. Scurdie Ness Lighthouse Keepers’ Dwellings are just 32 miles from Dundee Airport. Scheduled flights from Dundee Airport fly most days to Stansted Airport. Which in turn is a mere 47 minutes to the centre of London. Dundee Airport is one of the most civilised we have ever encountered. You can still drive to the front door of this airport or get parked by the main terminal without all of the hassle of many larger airports. So whether by airplane, train or car – Scurdie Ness Lighthouse houses are accessible from most parts of the UK in a matter of a few hours. Yet this beautiful place feels so remote, picturesque, safe and idyllic.

2] If you buy this coastal property as a holiday rental investment, you have neighbouring office at “The Bothy” – ourselves – with a high Google ranked website…

Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent – Click Here

…to promote your holiday rental property, and if needed manage it for you. Just Google “lighthouses for rent” and see how a high ranking website might help your new rental property.

3] As well as an interesting and solid investment property at Scurdie Ness Lighthouse, you have a place to visit personally and recharge your own batteries when the need arises. We know this place well, and it is wonderfully relaxing and the views are visually calming.

4] If you buy this remaining 2 bed property as a new home, it has all the advantages of being off the beaten track, whilst just a short drive from the coastal town of Montrose, and major city of Dundee which have all the facilities of modern life you might require. After which you can return to your unique lighthouse keeper’s home on your own long private driveway.

Guide: Whole Property (Excluding Lighthouse Tower): £360,000. Or One of Two Flats: £170,000.

From past experience, the subscribers at Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent can co-ordinate a dual element purchase with each former flat [of two originally in place] available at around £170,000. Please note the separate purchase is being coordinated by Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent. Whilst we have discussed this at length with the owners’ (2014 sale) agent, the £170,000 for one flat option is NOT available through the main Savills agency. Protocol requires us to be absolutely clear: the £170,000 for one of the two flatted dwellings is via the in-house initiative from this Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent website. 

Contact: Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent – Click Here

Location: The Lighthouse Keepers Houses, Scurdie Ness, Ferryden, Montrose, Angus, DD10 9SH.



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