Walled Garden & Building For Sale



Walled Garden Building & Walled Garden

At Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Offers Over £79,000 Freehold.

^^^ Walled Garden Building ^^^

& Walled Garden + Land.

The building and all the land as generally outline in red and numbered “2” in the areas marked on the following red ink curtilage plan are currently for sale “as is” for offers over £79,000. The ideal is to obtain planning permission to modestly extend the back of the Walled Garden. Building into the ample area of the Walled Garden. An extension of between 600 and 1,800 square feet will make little impact on this part of the lighthouse compound. Yet it will ensure the work to complete all of the other buildings is complemented as this last, straggler of a part of the old (formerly derelict) lighthouse station is returned to well maintained condition. 

Close to how it was when there were resident keepers’ ensuring the whole station was Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion.

The modest extension at the back of the Walled Garden Building will enable a one or two bedroom house with “remote working” study from where you can telecommute to every part of the world, whilst working from a beautiful and safe place during these times of Covid.

It may be worth noting this site already includes two parking places, plus a spur road onto the Paddock which you own and from where you may add further parking places….

^^^ £79,000 Buys The Areas Marked “2” ^^^

The Walled Garden Building

+ Walled Garden

+ Paddock

The site has mains water, electricity and broadband that can be connected. The septic tank is currently quite far away from the Walled Garden Building and not connected to the Walled Garden area. So a portion of land marked “2” and shown in the bottom right of the above photo has been included in the sale for a likely place in which to locate a new septic tank.

The actual building is pictured here…

The Walled Garden & Building

To the rear of this property is the former lighthouse station Walled Garden….

The Walled Garden

The suggestion of seeking a change of use planning application at the Walled Garden has precedent both at Noss Head Lighthouse Station. To study a Full planning permission for a similar building conversion that has been APPROVED at Noss Head: Click Here.

There is also precedent at other lighthouse station sites…

Such change of uses and extensions for small scale developments are crucial in order to bring derelict lighthouse station buildings back into meaningful use.

Here are two examples at a completely separate location to ours…

The most notable Approved Planning Permission was for this actual lighthouse compound at Noss Head when, last year, full planning permission was granted for the Engine Room building…

^^^ The Old Engine House ^^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Full Planning Permission For

The Engine House Conversion Granted…

Click Here

On the other side of the lighthouse tower is the Walled Garden Building (and a lot more land included). It is currently a tired and redundant looking building. It could do with a new owner to complete the works commenced by the owners of Noss Lighthouse Station and complement the three neighbouring houses at this lighthouse station. Do you fancy owning and living somewhere a little unusual? This would be one of the views from your new home…

^^^ View From ^^^

^^^ The Walled Garden ^^^

^^^ View From ^^^

^^^ The Walled Garden ^^^

^^^ View Into ^^^

^^^ The Walled Garden ^^^

For reference, the full planning process for the previously successful permission at the Engine Room can be studied by direct reference to the Highland Council open source website…


On this Noss Head Lighthouse Station estate…

The Old Engine Room

Planning Permission Source…

Click Here

Please note, that the buyer of the Walled Garden Building and land that is included is purchasing this “as is” without change of use or planning permission for a modest extension. Hence the competitive price at offers over £79,000.


Keeper’s Cabin Can Be Rented By You

Whilst Your Garden Home Is Being Built

The new owners of the Walled Garden are able to rent one of the completed lighthouse homes on this site at Noss Head whilst the planning application is being prepared and processed to your specification. This rental period can be extended to cover the time for constructing the extension onto the Walled Garden Building.

The buyer of the Walled Garden will have the option to RENT Keeper’s Cabin for £99 per week. This is reasonably close to the Walled Garden part of the lighthouse compound…



^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station, KW1 4QT.

All interior renovation work has recently been completed at Keeper’s Cabin. It is now  fully renovated and a very comfortable lighthouse building home...

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

Staying in a comfortable, high-specification insulated lighthouse home whilst your own, bespoke lighthouse property is being sorted out across the lighthouse station sure beats living in the proverbial “site caravan” that you so often see on television series such as Grand Designs.

At £99 per week, the Keeper’s Cabin is a very comfortable former lighthouse keeper’s home.



Why Sell The Walled Garden?

You might ask “why” is the Walled Garden part of this site being put up for sale?

Unfortunately, the current owner sustained a serious injury in an accident on the Island of Arran and has had difficulties returning back up to the lighthouse station at Noss Head in Caithness. This is upsetting as he and the group of friends who purchased this almost dilapidated set of buildings have managed to bring the majority of the properties back from near derelict state into good order. They have strived to attain the high standard of the former lighthouse keepers who used to maintain them.

Walled Garden Northern Boundary

Wonderful View of Noss Head Lighthouse Tower

The Engine House now has a new owner and as can be seen from the Full Planning Permission is destined to become a useful building in a fabulous lighthouse setting. Crucially, with owners in occupation, this means there will be a maintenance budget available from each owner deriving use of each building to ensure the whole lighthouse station is kept in a good state of repair.

It is a source of much regret that this last building at the Walled Garden still looks tired and in need of some tender loving care…

Walled Garden Building

The last building on this lighthouse station to be renovated

Do you fancy a spectacular home & space to breathe clean air?

This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a lighthouse building with great potential to become a very comfortable home and one which, in the circumstances is a decent distance aways from the current pandemic nightmare…

Escape From Lockdown-Town & Coviddy-City

Tired of Toxic City Life?

There is a new style of life just waiting for someone keen to take on this project.

We also have a rental property that was going to be used by the current owner before his accident.


This Keeper’s Cabin is not included in the sale of the Walled Garden Building nearby. This Keeper’s Cabin rental facility is for buyers of the Walled Garden who would like to live nearby during project management, conversion and  and construction.

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin Lounge ^^^

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin Lounge ^^^

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin Bedroom ^^^

There Is Ample Room For A Double Bed

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin WC ^^^

An Ensuite Shower IS Also Installed

There was discussion on renting this Keeper’s Cabin out and the current holiday season rate would be around £600 per week. But for the buyer of the Walled Garden, the rent would be a fraction of that at £99 per week so that whoever buys the Walled Garden Building can supervise the project in turning the derelict shell of the Walled Garden Building into a similar dwelling as the Keeper’s Cabin.


Loch For Sale

In addition, the successful purchaser of the Walled Garden properties will also have first refusal of buying the loch and several acres of additional lighthouse station land at £39,000…

^^^ Additional Land & A Loch ^^^

With Small Islands

Available On A first Refusal Basis At £39,000.

Please note, this is NOT included in the sale of the Walled Garden. If you wish to acquire several more acres and the loch it would be an additional £39,000.

Extra Acres of Land & A Loch

Available On A First Refusal Basis At £39,000.

This is a genuinely picturesque part of this lighthouse station and would give the world-weary and pandemic-tired person a decent amount of land to walk around.


You will be buying the Walled Garden Building and Walled Garden Building Plot without planning permission. Hence the discounted price of £79,000.

Currently the directors and shareholders who own this lighthouse station have 5 other projects in various stages of completion elsewhere in the country and these will create approximately 27 new jobs. So our limited time availability is being concentrated on creating jobs that are needed during Covid and especially the period coming after the pandemic.

There is a significant pressure of work involved on these other sites. Hence the Walled Garden Building and Land being placed for sale “as is”.

If we expend the time and effort obtaining planning permission, then the price will be well over £100,000.


Crucially what we apply for might not be what you want!

For comfort, we are able to show clearly the APPROVAL details that were GRANTED for a building we sold without planning permission on the other side of the lighthouse station last yea that went on to secure PLANNING APPROVAL: Click Here.

The details and documents for the Engine Room conversion into a two bedroom house are in the public domain. We include this to give buyers a comfort that the Local Authority are amenable to near-derelict buildings being brought back to useful life…

To study the planning application and permission

of a neighbouring property, please

The Engine Room Planning Permission



Source: Click Here and Here

This planning permission was APPROVED in respect of the ENGINE ROOM. We include it to give a broad indication of the fact the local authority do grant permissions in these types of location (here).

The subscribers of this Lighthouses For Sale & Rent website own other buildings in the area for which our architect Knight & McDonald have managed excellent work. So we were very happy to recommend Knight & McDonald to our new neighbour who bought the Engine House from us. They guided the planning application seamlessly and successfully. It is better that the penultimate owner of the home designs what they want than reply on an earlier permission we obtained that maybe not meet with her needs.


Returning to the Walled Garden Building…

From The Top of The Lighthouse…

You can see the Walled Garden Building and Walled Garden. Plus the extra land that comes with it.

Please forgive our friend in the picture. He is making best efforts to look happy during a vertigo episode!

To give you an idea of how these buildings can be brought back to life, here are some “before” and “after” photographs of the other buildings in our compound…

^^^ Before Renovation ^^^

^^^ After Renovation ^^^

^^^ Before Renovation ^^^

^^^ After Renovation ^^^

^^^ Before Renovation ^^^

^^^ After Renovation ^^^

It may take a fair bit of hard work, but these buildings look magnificent when brought back to life. They are also set in a beautiful location.

The Main Lighthouse Compound At Noss Head

After A Major Renovation From 2018-2019.

But there is still one building left to remedy…

If you would like to consider buying a rare gem at a very reasonable price.

The Walled Garden Building + Walled Garden

Lot 2: Offers Over: £79,000.

Plus additional land and a loch (Lot 3: £39,000).

Please feel free to get in touch…

Enquiries About Viewing & Offers.

Plus information about planning permission, please

TEXT: 0757 2768 795

Or via post etc…