Below = Awaiting Update

It is dawning on the owners of this website that the listing of all UK lighthouses for sale, or sold, or those that may come up for sale (plus the lighthouse rental list), is a huge task. That we have bitten off a fairly large slice of work.

However, such is the life changing effect and good fortune – plus a lot of good times – that lighthouses have brought to the subscribers of Lighthouses For Sale,  we intend to build, build, build this website into the best source of information on the internet for folk looking to live in, on, or near to one of the dozens upon dozens of lighthouses that surround the UK.

Above this side-bar menu section are details of lighthouse buildings where we have completed sections of the current update.

Below this side-bar section are lighthouse locations where each page is currently empty, but just waiting for a short while and we shall soon be updating each page by page, with content and information derived, for the most part, from 25 years living in, on or near lighthouses ourselves. What a wonderful time that has been, and we are very keen to share it.

Everyone who enjoys coastal locations, and especially those who like lighthouses should at the very least have a holiday experience in one if they are unable to muster enough to buy one.

Though we do have a proven track record of turning the “if only” dreams that many (including us in the early stages) have from a wish to a reality. Fact.

From that perspective hopefully we can shine a light on the way that readers who may think it an impossibility to fulfil their dream into making the desired life changing event actually happen.

Lighthouse life isn’t to everyones taste. But if you do get bitten by this particular bug, then you owe it to yourself to make best endeavours to enable that wish to happen.

Kindest regards,

The Lighthouses For Sale Team.