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AAA Belle Tout Christine Matthews

Belle Tout Lighthouse Tower (c) 2012 Christine Matthews

This is one of the rare buildings that occasionally come up for sale. Though in the Spring of 2015 when this page was last updated Belle Tout Lighthouse Tower is NOT for sale. Fortunately it is available as a wonderful holiday destination.

Though to give you an idea of when various lighthouses come up from time to time, and the frequency of sale, it was the year 1996 when Belle Tout was bought by Mark and Louise Roberts to use as a family home. Mark and Louise then sold Belle Tout in 12 years later around April 2008 to David and Barbara Shaw. Of course any building sale depends on a multitude of reasons, but it is ALWAYS worth keeping an eye out for lighthouses that do come up for sale around the UK Coast. At Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent we will do our best to keep you updated on all counts. Just check back to this website occasionally for updates and news. Better still subscribe for NEWS ALERTS via our “Subscriber Box” on this page.

As for Belle Tout Lighthouse. If we were in David and Barbara Shaw’s position, we would probably never want to sell! That having been said, all you need do is check our website’s front page to see that at any given time there are a reasonable number of lighthouse buildings for sale around the British coast.

The good news is you can experience what we always recommend: try-before-you-buy. Having lived in lighthouses ourselves, we know most folk thoroughly enjoy the experience. Though a few are not so keen. This is important. Before spending a significant amount of money buying a lighthouse building, it is a very good thing to spend a holiday at one of these marvellous places. In fact two holidays; one in the summer and one in the winter. The sun and seaview, along with the feeling of sanctuary in summer is marvellous. Winter? That is often a surprise. Usually dramatic. Always make sure you have a camera ready. Hopefully you will delight yourself with a photographic gem.

Taking a holiday at a lighthouse will help you decide whether to look around the UK coast and buy a lighthouse building or not. If you do get bitten by the lighthouse bug, you will enjoy all the drama, all year round.

Lighthouse Belle Tout David Dixon RSZ

Belle Tout – Seaview In Perspective (c) 2012 David Dixon

Back to Belle Tout Lighthouse. This wonderful tower has been splendidly refurbished, and you can book a holiday in one of several bedroom suites….

Make sure to telephone or email first to avoid disappointment as the various lighthouse properties for rent around the coast of the UK are often full up.

Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head, East Sussex, BN20 0AE

Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 0AE

We conclude this page about Belle Tout, thanks to the owners, who have given a short narrative of the history at Belle Tout Lighthouse:-

– In 1923 it was bought by a surgeon, Sir James Purves-Stewart.

– During the second world war with its owners being evacuated, Belle Tout was damaged due to shelling by Canadian Troops using it as target practice.

– In 1948 Sir James offered the building to the council and eventually they took it over due to its historical significance.

– In 1956 Belle Tout was leased out to Dr Edward Revill Cullinan who carried out works on the building and installed modern features such as septic tank, mains electricity and water.

– In 1962 the lease was sold and changed hands a number of times.

– In 1986 it was bought by the BBC who used it in the making of Fay Weldon’s “Life and Loves of a She-Devil”.

– In 1996 it was bought by Mark and Louise Roberts to use as a family home.

– In 1999, due to continuing erosion threatening the future of the building the lighthouse was moved 17 metres (56 feet) back from the edge of the cliff by the impressive engineering work of Abbey Pynford.

– In 2007 the Roberts’ put Belle Tout up for sale with the guide price of £850,000.

– In 2007 the Belle Tout Lighthouse Preservation Trust campaigned for Belle Tout to be made available to the public so that anyone could visit and stay at the lighthouse.

– In April 2008 Belle Tout was purchased by current owners with the intention of opening it to the public as a bed & breakfast and tourist centre. This they achieved…

– In 2009 Belle Tout was lovingly restored to its former glory.

– In March 2010, The Belle Tout Lighthouse opens its doors to guests.

– In January and July 2010, The Belle Tout lighthouse appeared on the television series “Build A New Life In The Country”

– The Belle Tout Builder Boys charity was released to raise money for Everyman charity. Please contact the Belle Tout Lighthouse number at the foot of this webpage for this as the web link we currently have is broken.

Lighthouse Belle Toute Raymond Knapman RSZ

Belle Tout Lighthouse During Restoration (c) 2013 Raymond Knapman


Belle Tout Lighthouse Showing New Base During Move & Restoration

An amazing logistical challenge


Location: Belle Tout Lighthouse, Beachy Head, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 0AE.

Contact Tel: 01323 423185.

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