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Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent is a not-for-profit entity run by Unique Property Bulletin Ltd. Payments and donations need to be made via our parent organisation, Unique Property Bulletin

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This is our main Lighthouse For Sale Or Rent donation page.

Just £3 to £25 will help us help you.

Paypal will not allow us to take payments via the URL domain name of our Lighthouses For Sale of Rent website without going through a whole tortuous rigmarole.

This included the demand we establish a separate limited company for the Lighthouses website.

Apologies for the redirect to our parent company Unique Property Bulletin Ltd. If you check our official Annual Accounts at Companies House…

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…you will see the bona fides and fact that Lighthouses For Sale or Rent is part of the Unique Property Bulletin Ltd portfolio of websites.

By making donations this keeps the Lighthouses For Sale & Rent going. You are helping us, which means we can help you and all of our readers – to find, fund and have fun with this style of unique property.


Fundraising News

With thanks to sterling work by our volunteers and supporters we are now needing to take on paid staff. To pay for this our Unique Property Club members have been kind enough to contribute a lighthouse building, the rent from which will help pay for the staff in perpetuity. Our volunteers will still help, but such are the volumes of folk seeking help from our two main websites (Lighthouse For Sale Or Rent and the Unique Property Bulletin) we need to get professional help. With added donations such as the one you are considering that will go towards webserver hosting fees and IT support, we should be able to help unique people find unique property for years to come.