Lighthouse Building Sales

This page lists some examples of recent lighthouse buildings we know are for sale – mainly Lighthouse Keeper’s Houses [Lighthouse Towers are on the NEXT web section]. We will also list other wonderful buildings from this genre, such as fog horn stations, quays, and engine rooms etc. With of course former lighthouse keepers’ houses featuring prominently. Here is an example of the variety within Lighthouse Buildings For Sale Or Rent website – an historic canon ball firing foghorn house…

Foghorn House HEADLINE

Foghorn House, Island of Anglesey (c) 2013 Jackson-Stops & Staff

North Stack Foghorn House For Sale – Click Here 

Plus a whole host of other wonderful lighthouse buildings for sale…

Lighthouse Douglas - Andrew Abbott 

Douglas Head Lighthouse Keepers’ Houses (c) 2013 Andrew Abbott

Please Click This Link For More Details of Douglas Head

Also, please keep an eye on the vertical sidebar menu [to the right hand side of this text]. This will grow over time to list more and more lighthous towers and keepers houses that are either for sale, or have been sold [and maybe come back up for sale], or more tastily, lighthouse buildings that WE KNOW will be coming up for sale. The heads-up is fairly rare on most websites. Fortunately here at Lighthouses For Sale we can regularly provide our readers with up to a year or more in advance notice – to prepare for up and coming sales of these unique lighthouse buildings.


Lighthouse Terminology – Some Shorthand To Help Readers

PLK = Principal Lighthouse Keeper’s House.

FALK = First Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s House.

SALK = Second Assistant Lighthouse Keeper’s House.

RLK = Relief Lighthouse Keeper’s House (Sometimes called The Bothy).

ER = Engine Room (usually for the foghorn equipment)

FH = Foghorn Rooms.




PLEASE consider mentioning the “Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent” website when replying to the owners. This helps keep the “Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent” website free for readers and visitors. Several lighthouse owners have been kind enough to place some modest paid-for advertising on this not-for-profit website in order to help with IT and site fees etc. It helps them know that any advertising support is reciprocated. Thankyou.