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Thank you for using our Lighthouse Bulletin facility which is owned and operated by the not-for-profit entity. We have created this policy to let you, (“the user”) know how we respect your privacy and confidentiality. The following sections detail the privacy practices for: – and the penultimate after transfer work during 2024…

(“the sites”) and associated sites owned or operated by the Lighthouse Bulletin.

Registration & Privacy

When using the site, either at present or in the future, we may, at times, ask you to supply either/or an email address, username or password. We request this information to either uniquely identify yourself to supply online services or to return information to yourself via email or another data transfer system. We do not forward any of this information to mailing lists.

Stored Information

If you send us information via email we may store the information in a file specific to yourself. We may also record IP addresses to record the frequency and source of visitors to the site, this information remains within the company and is not forwarded or sold to any third party.


The site, may, either at present or in the future, contain a number of links to other sites. You should be aware that these sites are beyond our control and are therefore not covered by this statement.

Notification of Change

We reserve the right to modify or update this privacy statement without prior notice.


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LEGAL NOTICE TO PICSCOUT, GETTY IMAGES, PICSCOUT CLIENTS, and CYVEILLANCE INTELLIGENCE CENTRE their subsidiaries, agents, and assigns: You are prohibited from accessing this web site.

Legal Notice to PicScout, ,Getty Images, trading as: GYI , all other customers of PicScout, and Cyveillance Intelligence Center, and to any and all clients of Cyveillance Intelligence Center, their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns are prohibited from accessing Lighthouse Bulletin. Our company and it’s websites are explicitly operated in principle and practice as not-for-profit, and this is proven in our official accounts as filed with the UK Registrar of Companies.

1]. Permission for the copyright scanning robot program known as PicScout and for robots owned or operated by Cyveillance Intelligence Center, Getty Images, their subsidiaries, agents, and assigns to access this site is EXPLICITLY DENIED. All other robots which scan content for the purpose of any law enforcement, criminal or civil, are also denied permission to access this site at any time without a duly served warrant in accordance with the legal systems of our host state in America under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and duly codified laws of our webhost’s State, and that of Icelandic law for our backup websites, and United Kingdom/Scots Law.

2]. Most of the photos here were taken by our own cameras, or those of our property owners who utilise our websites, and/or their estate agents, realtors and auction houses, or are open source such as Geograph, to whom we donate an appropriate fee each month. All videos that appear on this websites, and our Facebook/Twitter pages, Google+ profile, and our YouTube Channel were made by the Lighthouse Bulletin and/or the estate agents/auctioneers utilising the services of this website for the sole use of Lighthouse Bulletin, it’s subsidiary websites and our customers. All photo, video, and audio content on Lighthouse Bulletin and it’s subsidiary websites is licensed for all non-commercial reproduction with attribution to the Lighthouse Bulletin and it’s subsidiary websites EXCEPT by any law enforcement agency, Getty Images, PicScout, and Cyveillance Intelligence Center or any of their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns; or by any other corporation that has at least once filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against one or more online users of their content. Use of any original Lighthouse Bulletin and it’s subsidiary narrative, photo, audio, or video recording for any purpose, by any entity which is a plaintiff in a copyright infringement case is hereby prohibited.

3]. Getty Images, PicScout, and Cyveillance Intelligence Center their subsidiaries, agents, and assigns are explicitly prohibited from using any image or video that originated in a Lighthouse Bulletin and it’s subsidiary personal Blogs and camera for any purpose. These photos are released for non-commercial use by the general public with attribution to Lighthouse Bulletin and it’s subsidiary facilities and estate agents, auction houses and property owners who utilise the services of our website, our agents, or assigns; their use for any monetary gain by any party claiming copyright against a third party downloader from a third party web site shall be treated as a copyright violation under this Notice.

Notice concerning demands for damages originating from Getty Images, PicScout, Cyveillance Intelligence Center, or any of their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns or any other scanning robot users sending “demand notices” prior to DMCA takedown notices.

We regard Getty Images, PicScout, Cyveillance Intelligence Center, or any of their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns as entities engaged in extortion. As such, all payment demands SHALL BE REFUSED. If any threats of legal action are ever received from Getty Images, PicScout, Cyveillance Intelligence Center, their subsidiaries, agents, or assigns or any other copyright holder demanding “damages” prior to sending DMCA takedown notifications. Not only will we refuse to pay the funds you demand and we shall instead seek liquidated damages in the amount of UK GBP £15,000 and/or US$25,000 per violation of our Terms of Service concerning image scanning robots.

4]. In good faith we would COUNSEL the owners of photographs that organisations know as COPYRIGHT TROLLS can and do promise you LARGE sums of money as some form of “compensation”. Unfortunately the practice of COPYRIGHT TROLLS is having their attorney’s STRUCK OFF and as collateral damage, the OWNERS of PHOTOGRAPH COPYRIGHT, such as a £50 licence sale picture have had their HOMES subject to MORTGAGE and/or LIEN placed on them for DAMAGES by victims of COPYRIGHT TROLLS.

Here at the Lighthouse Bulletin we believe strongly that photographers SHOULD be properly remunerated. We make best efforts to pay the photographers who are makig best efforts to earn a living.

But what we mean by “4” above is that some less well aware photographers who have been taken in by the spiel of a COPYRIGHT TROLL may end up LOSING THEIR HOME for the sake of a £50 photograph.

The case law and rulings of the courts are all over the internet.

5]. If YOU as a copyright owner of a photograph are tempted to sign up with a COPYRIGHT TROLL, we beg you to take legal advice from solicitors in this field. Far better a £200 to £400 legal bill for your new lawyer’s legal advice that you fall victim of a COPYRIGHT TROLL and risk LOSING YOUR HOME because of some ambulance chasing spiv of an “attorney” has persuaded you they can get you hundreds of thousands of pounds in copyright infringement winnings.

The courts, especially those in the UK are qualitatively learned in law and have a more professional approach to ensuring fairness in legal judgement than the lottery of the Amadans who run the American legal system.

If you are tempted to sign up with a COPYRIGHT TROLL please keep an eye on future articles in the Lighthouse Bulletin as we will be detailing the legal action currently in the works *but upon which we cannot comment at this time due to Sub Judice  rules. But we shall be publishing matters surrounding COPYRIGHT TROLLS in the UK once we have the all clear so to do by the Duty Sheriff (in Scotland a judge is known as a sheriff).