Talacre Lighthouse

 Talacre Lighthouse Tower: £90,000 ? (c) 2013 Matt Cox 

Since our last feature of Talacre Lighthouse Tower on this website, this wonderful diminutive lighthouse has been sold. So for THE TIME BEING, Talacre Lighthouse Tower is off of the market. We will of course let LHFS readers know if the new owners decide to put Talacre Lighthouse Tower back up for sale. In the meantime, we had to feature this Youtube clip as it is one of the best ways that we have seen to have a look at a lighthouse…

Talacre Lighthouse Flying Video

Did You Spot The Silver Ghost?

There are other lighthouse towers for sale. Plus lessons to learn. Maybe the following narrative may be of help.

In July 2013 we were lucky enough to have a telephone call from the BBC’s Brian Milligan. Next thing we knew was …. 


Brian was very kind – indeed we think he is a fellow lighthouse and island eccentric – he gave us a mention within the article that sent our visitometer into 5 figure orbit. A casual website overhaul had to be worked on with a great speed, and added diligence so as not to let readers down.

So why do we mention this? Well Brian’s feature commenced with a revelation that a small Beach Hut with just 16 years of a lease to run was being sold for £200,000. You can read it – as weblinked above – it’s true !

No disrespect intended to the £1,000 per square foot hut owner Sarah Litchfield, but might we propose one of several smaller lighthouse towers that abound around the UK coast?

Talacre is a fine example, and unlike the beach hut, has a 360 degree view, along with a freehold ownership. Best of all it is, or was half the price. Just £100,000. You will need to acquire a copy of the Unique Property Manual to help find out what side of £100,000 Talacre Lighthouse Tower actually sold for.

Lighthouse Talacre Jeff Buck

Talacre Lighthouse Tower – Tide In (c) 2013 Jeff Buck

Built in 1776 and deactivated in 1883.

An important point to mention here – and this has been learnt from fact based experience. Do not worry if the lighthouse building you would love to buy is either sold or too costly for your budget.

1] We have seen many lighthouse buildings come back up for sale. So on that point you are still okay. Talacre may come back around for sale. No harm in sending the current owner a polite letter of enquiry?

2] Even if the lighthouse building you are delighted with is not currently for sale, there are many similar structures. We would hope to help you find a candidate around the thousands of miles of British coastline that is for sale, and specifically one to suit your desires.

3] Budgets. We will be looking for the best priced bargain as a special feature soon to be included on this website. One of our finest purchases was under £30,000. Indeed if you group a small bunch of like minded friends together, the way some lighthouse properties are sold – particularly lighthouse compounds – mean several buildings in the one lot. Simple arithmetic, combined with economies of scale can often result in your securing that ultimate sea sanctuary well within what you might have thought was an impossibly tight budget. More on that system of buying WHOLE lighthouse compounds and ending up with an individual property elsewhere on this website in due course.

So it may be worthwhile returning to the Lighthouses For Sale website to check out the news. If we can end up in all sorts of lighthouse mischief – several buildings over 25 years – it is likely we can get you, our dear reader into some sort of enjoyable trouble.

Lighthouse Talacre Chris Downer

Talacre Lighthouse Tower (c) 2013 Chris Downer

Apologies, that was a slight digression. Back to Talacre Lighthouse Tower. 

Nice Photographic Montage – Talacre Lighthouse

It is an elegantly simple structure, as this BBC television visit illustrates … 

BBC News – Talacre Lighthouse Photographic Tour

Also famous for featuring in the Dulux Paint advertisements with a dog larking about the lighthouse.

Location: Talacre Lighthouse, Talacre Beach, Holywell, Clwyd, CH8 9RD.

Contact Tel: To be advised.

Dedicated Website: To be advised. Though worry not, that this has been sold. We are certain to find more of this ilk, and at similar competitive prices.

PLEASE consider mentioning the “Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent” website when replying to the owners. This helps keep the “Lighthouses For Sale Or Rent” website free for readers and visitors. Several lighthouse owners have been kind enough to place some modest paid-for advertising on this not-for-profit website in order to help with IT and site fees etc. It helps them know that any advertising support is reciprocated. Thankyou.