Thankyou For Helping

Thankyou For Your Monthly £2 Donation.

It is very much appreciated. Not just in helping to pay the webhosting and IT costs of this not-for-profit website, but the thought behind your donation means a great deal to the small band of volunteers who keep Lighthouses For Sale & Rent going.

When we secure fresh details of new lighthouse buildings for sale you will receive a special email alert within 24 hours of us knowing. Usually this is about 14 to 21 days before we have sorted out a dedicated webpage/photographs etc., to go onto our main headline page. Often times this advance notice can be very helpful in giving the grace of time to sort out survey, solicitors, due diligence, finance and an offer 🙂

Also you can cancel the monthly £2 donation at any point as best suits your own circumstances – hopefully after you have managed to buy one of these iconic buildings.

Sincerest Best Wishes,

The Lighthouse For Sale or Rent Team

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