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We THOROUGHLY recommend folk consider taking a fortnight or more holiday at a lighthouse destination BEFORE actually BUYING their own lighthouse building.

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Belle Tout Lighthouse – For Holidays, NOT For Sale.

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Indeed we would strongly suggest TWO holidays. A fortnight or more in mid-summer and a fortnight or longer – possibly a “winter let” in the October to March period of the year.

We have, at first hand, seen what can happen if someone goes to a huge amount of trouble and expense – financial and emotional – to buy their dream lighthouse building – and it turns out not to be what they had thought such a lifestyle would be.

For sure many people who buy lighthouse buildings have this style of life within their DNA, but it would be wise to Try Before You Buy and go for a lighthouse holiday in advance of taking such a plunge and buying this genre of building.

We list in this section several lighthouse holiday destinations in an endeavour to help folk decide whether the often remote and dramatic place to call home is for them.

With the advent of Broadband technology, it is now more possible than ever to live and work at an awe inspiring and remote lighthouse building. Our website is one such example. If you have employment where telecommuting is an option, and you love lighthouses, then such an imaginative way of life living and working from your very own lighthouse building may just be for you. 

We shall cover the work/life balance and choices of lighthouse living elsewhere on this website.

For now it may be a good idea to start packing the bags ready for a mini-adventure and a fortnigh’t stay at one of the limited number of lighthouse holiday destinations around the United Kingdom.