Ailsa Craig Island

Ailsa Craig Island For Sale

Temporarily withdrawn from sale

Keep an eye on this page for new developments – possibly a return of Ailsa Craig Island for sale

Ailsa GG MAIN Resized

Ailsa Craig Island (c) 2014 Knight Frank

Out of respect for the principal parties involved in the triumvirate of ownership at Ailsa Craig, we are placing independent web pages for the 3 component parts to Ailsa Craig Island. For clarity, the distinct and separately owned elements:-

1] The Island, & Miscellaneous Buildings;

2] The Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottages, Pier, Railway, & Buildings;

3] The Lighthouse Tower & Engine Room;

This website – Lighthouses For Sale – will now be reviewing the sale position of these elements on distinct and separate basis.

I would recommend anyone with an interest – stakeholders, island visitors, prospective bidders, would be lighthouse building owners etc., to revisit this page and the two other Ailsa Craig pages from time to time. All three pages relating to Ailsa Craig will be updated when the parts are placed for sale.

Very best regards,

Russ McLean

Russ McLean At Lighthouse AG

  Russ McLean (c) 2005 Argyll Group plc

Former Principal Owner: Ailsa Craig Island Lighthouse Complex

[Excluding the Tower]

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