Openreach &

Noss Head Lighthouse Station Ltd

Wayleave: HyperFast Optic Broadband Installation

For private reference (this WEBSITE page is OFFLINE in terms of general public access ~ a password will be applied after two weeks just in case Google start listing this page). Here are the documents relating to the owner of the HEAD TITLE LAND REGISTRY NUMBER: CTH5579. As at 8th November 2019 the owner is Noss Head Lighthouse Station Ltd., (following an internal group company  transfer to reduce the extensive number of LTD and PLC companies within our corporate group). The original purchase was made on 23rd may 2017 from the Clan Sinclair Trust (Click Here & Here).

The utility provider needing access via wayleave, being Openreach and their nominees/project management agents…

^^ These Are Copies ^^

The originals were posted

between 18th and 21st March 2023

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Noss Head Lighthouse Station Ltd…

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