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In the next few days I shall be uploading sale details of a particularly rare lighthouse tower located in the south of England. This very vertical house has been converted into a seven storey high holiday destination with a 92%+ occupancy rate. It is also suitable for use as a home. The lighthouse tower is for sale. Do you fancy an exotic abode like this? Watch this space.

Also in the coming 48 to 72 hours there will be an exceptionally handsome First Assistant + Second Assistant former lighthouse keeper’s home for sale in the north of Scotland. A detached building with 5 bedrooms, or 4 bedrooms + 1 study if you work for home. There is broadband and wifi connected.

In the meantime, this front page is being left technically blank of listings whilst we sort out the various sales schedules and new front page features etc.

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Whilst the preparation of the sale schedules takes place behind the scenes, let me present two topical photographs I took a few moments ago – at 04.45 am outside the front door. You could do a lot worse than live at a magnificent place like this.

PTSD and it’s insidious friend, the rampant all-night insomnia (from a previous occupation) do have their advantages. At daft o’clock in the morning when most sane people are still asleep in the land of nod, there has been a pretty magnificent sunrise…

Good Lord, this lighthouse station at Noss Head has to be one of the finest places on earth.

Noss Head Lighthouse Compound.

Photo (c) 2018 Maciej Winiarczyk

Looking forward to sharing some genuine goodies with all of my lighthouse loving friends.

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