Noss Head Lighthouse Engine House: Sale

This page is specifically to answer the enquiry regarding The Noss Head Lighthouse Engine House and the EXTRA land included in the sale. Specifically the Engine House and Plots 10 (Tower Road) and Plot 12 (Pirates Cove). The next graphic is derived from the official Registers of Scotland/HM Land Registry and denotes the items INCLUDED in the sale…

^^ Engine House Title: CTH8181 Click Here ^^

Title 12 (Pirates Cove) Included

Title 10 (Tower Road) Included

Plus Planning + Fees + Local Amenity Contribution

On 4th July 2023 a cash offer for the Engine House (CTH8181) + Pirates Cove (Plot 12) + Plots 10 (Tower Road) + Plot 13 (Puffin Land) at £175,000 was received on the basis of an UPDATED Planning Permission for TWO semi-detached dwellings was granted from this (already GRANTED) Permission…

^^ The Old Engine House ^^

May 2020 Planning Permission: Click Here ^^

This offer (Dr.G) for the Engine House (CTH8181) + Pirates Cove (Plot 12) + Plot 10 (Tower Road) + Plot 13 (Puffin Land) at £175,000 was CONDITIONAL on the undernoted DRAFT Planning Permission for TWO x 1-Bed Semi-Detached dwellings being GRANTED. The reason being if there is another Covid type pandemic, then there would be TWO separate dwellings available for safe-distancing etc…

^^ The Old Engine House ^^

Two dwellings, each with 1 bedroom. Designed to be safer for holiday rental purposes if there is ever another Covid type pandemic.

There is ample parking for at least 6 cars…

^^ The Old Engine House ^^

^^ To the Right of This Photograph ^^

^^ Parking To The Centre/Foreground ^^

The offer for £175,000 was politely declined. Not because there is any doubt a revised Planning Permission would be GRANTED.

=> The owner suffered a TBI injury in an accident aboard a ship and is now unable to visit Noss Head Lighthouse Station.


=> Therefore a prompt sale is preferred.

The nearby Keeper’s Cabin was subject to a successful Planning Application in November last year (2022). Even though the process was as efficient as possible, the effects of post-Covid recovery in various organisations meant it took 5 months to complete that Planning Permission process.

=> Notwithstanding that, it should be noted, an application is being made for a “LETTER OF COMFORT” relating to the current Engine House Planning Permission of 20th May 2020.


=> This “LETTER OF COMFORT” from the Concil seeks to ensure the Planning Permission of 20th May 2020 remains alive and “Enduring” due to the fact that a “meaningful start” was made onsite between August 2020 and May 2021.

At that time it was challenging to navigate the repeated statutory Covid pandemic lockdowns and being required to stay at home.

Fortunately, matters appear to be getting back to normal as at August 2023.

For reference, we have also received an offer of £199,000 for the Engine House (Title CTH8181) and including Plot 10 (Tower Road) and Plot 12 (Pirates Cove) and Plot 13 (Puffin Land) SUBJECT to Engine House Planning Permission receiving a “LETTER OF COMFORT” and a Pre-Planning Letter from the Highland Council Planning dept., NOT objecting to a domestic structure at the Pirates Cove…

^^ Pirates cove Pre-Planning ^^

^^ Letter of Comfort ^^









But here is an earlier example completed…

Example of HM Land Registry

Title Plan Distillation

Example: Plot 11 ~ Keeper’s Cabin

For the sake of readers, here is the work of our solicitor’s cartographer. They take the DRAFT drawing we submit and turn it into a NEW Title Document.

Starting with this…


^^ Plot 11 ^^

The solicitor reviews this and then sends to their associate cartographic company. The map-makers transform the instructions into…



^^ Plot 11 ^^

Keeper’s Cabin.

This is just an example to illustrate what the eventual HM LAND REGISTRY / REGISTERS OF SCOTLAND TITLE PLAN will look like.

There will be a new and hyper-accurate plan drawn up for plots 10 and 14. Whilst the Engine House ALREADY has a clean and clear (mortgage-free) title and plan (CTH8181)…

^^ The Engine House ^^

Noss Head Lighthouse Station, Wick, KW1 4QT.

Copyright Permission Licence HMLR (c) 100026316.

Copyright Permission Licence Ordnance Survey (c) 100052015.