Sanctuary At

Keeper’s Cabin

Noss Head Lighthouse Station

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Station ^^^

^^^ Noss Head Lighthouse Tower ^^^

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

Keeper’s Cabin has recently been completely renovated.

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin ^^^

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin Lounge ^^^

^^^ This can double-up for children’s bedroom ^^^

Ideal for sleep-overs and exploring the northern east parts of Scotland. Please be aware that in summer it is highly possible to get sunburnt due to the proximity to the Arctic Circle and very long summer daylight days. The owner has actually suffered from sunstroke which is quite unpleasant. So if you have youngsters with you, please make sure they have plenty of sunscreen protection on.

This bedroom is now empty as the owners have completed a major renovation of the three Grade A listed buildings at this lighthouse station. 

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin Bedroom ^^^

There is now a brand new double bed in situ.

^^^ Keeper’s Cabin WC ^^^

An ensuite shower is also installed.

The views of the shallow loch and small islands are a delight. In summer this is close to midnight. It does not get completely dark at this time of year.

^^^ Additional Land & A Loch ^^^

With small islands.

One of the main contractors who utilised a great amount of effort in bringing the lighthouse station is pictured here. Steve Williams actually suffers from vertigo and was making best endeavour to conquer his problem with heights. What better way than climbing to the top of a lighthouse tower every day! What you can’t see is the additional 200 feet added to the drop on the other side as you see over the cliff edges…

From The Top of The Lighthouse.

Please forgive our friend in the picture. He is making best efforts to look happy during a vertigo episode!

To give you an idea of how these buildings can be brought back to life, here are some “before” and “after” photographs of the other buildings in our compound…

^^^ Before Renovation ^^^

^^^ After Renovation ^^^

^^^ Before Renovation ^^^

^^^ After Renovation ^^^

^^^ Before Renovation ^^^

^^^ After Renovation ^^^

It may take a fair bit of hard work, but these buildings look magnificent when brought back to life. They are also set in a beautiful location.

The Main Lighthouse Compound At Noss Head

After A Major Renovation From 2018-2019.

The Walled Garden Building + Walled Garden

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