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23 October 2013 Offsite Update – Going Onsite 30th October 2013

 Killantringan Lighthouse Building

Reduced From £650,000 to £485,000

Killantringan Lighthouse GAP

 Killantringan Lighthouse Buildings (c) 2013 GAP Agencies

This is a very interesting set of buildings. Added to which is an almost equally interesting price reduction. There are various options for this lighthouse complex. A spectacular home*, plus a holiday letting cottage. At the current guide price, this wonderful set of buildings represents good value for money.

Agency Description: Killantringan Light Keeper’s House and Lighthouse Cottage enjoy a wonderful setting beside a decommissioned lighthouse and are perched high on the cliff with unlimited views of the dramatic coastline and out to sea. The dramatic scenery is home to a rich company of flora and fauna, with many unusual species including pine martens, golden eagle, red deer, red squirrels and natter jack toad.

 Killantringan Lighthouses Robb EA 3

Killantringan Lighthouse Buildings – NOT Tower (c) 2013 Robb/GAP

The accommodation in the Light Keepers House is spread over two floors with the living rooms on the first floor to take advantage of the spectacular views. This includes an open plan sitting room/dining, study and kitchen. The sitting room gives access to the southern and northern terraces. The ground floor comprises two bedrooms with en suite shower rooms, four further bedrooms and a bathroom. The Lighthouse Cottage is a detached single storey cottage located beside the Light Keepers House and has three bedrooms and one public room.

 Killantringan Lighthouses Robb EA 1

Killantringan Lighthouse Buildings & Grounds (c) 2013 Robb/GAP Agencies

The grounds extend to approximately 3 acres and includes a grassed area which leads from the Lighthouse down to the Fog Horn and steeper land which slopes down to a high water mark. To the north is a large parking area.

Killantringan Lighthouse Colin McDonald

Killantringan Lighthouse Building (c) 2013 Colin McDonald

The village of Portpatrick, 4 miles, is on the south western tip of mainland Scotland and benefits from a pleasant climate as a result of the Gulf Stream. The village is predominantly wrapped around its harbour and caters for everyday needs and requirements with a general store, post office, the popular Knockinaam Lodge Hotel and various pubs and restaurants.

Killantringan Lighthouses Robb EA MAIN

Killantringan Lighthouse – Main Buildings (c) 2013 Robb/GAP Agencies

The town of Stranraer is 9 miles distant and offers a range of retail, cultural and professional services. There is a local primary school in Portpatrick and secondary schooling is available in Stranraer.

* Subject to any change of use planning permission. Readers should clarify the current class use orders which apply to each part. Some times it is necessary to apply for a change of use from “holiday accommodation” to “residential accommodation”. It is important that folk should ensure they have all due diligence aspects covered.

 Killantringan Lighthouses Robb EA 2

 Killantringan Lighthouse – Modern Interior (c) 2013 Robb/GAP Agencies

The current owners have a very professional website with more information …


There is also an excellent dynamic 360 degree interior view-around facility at …


and …


[The 360 degree weblink might not work on some devices, but should be OK on a PC]

Killantringan Lighthouses Robb EA 7

 Killantringan Lighthouse – Contemporary Bedrooms (c) 2013 Robb/GAP Agencies

Location: Killantringan Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottages, Portpatrick, Dumfries & Galloway, DG9 8TW.

Tenure: Feuhold [Scottish Freehold Equivalent]

Guide: Originally listed with Robb Residential at offers over £650,000, now the property is on with GAP properties at

Offers over £485,000.

Online Brochure:



Dunnet Head Lighthouse Buildings


 Dunnet Head Lighthouse Store David Glass RSZ1

Dunnet Head Lighthouse Store, Brough Harbour (c) 2013 David Glass

This is very frustrating. We narrowly missed this Lighthouse Store which which was, we understand, part of the Dunnet Lighthouse construction project.

This particular building is now marked “Under Offer” which in Scots conveyancing law is fairly firm – though sometimes such properties come back to market. We will do our best to alert subscribers if this property does come back for sale.

So why are we including it here and now? The lesson we have learnt, and it is a bountiful one, which should be shared amongst those in the lighthouse homes community, is never take your eye off of the ball – or beam in the case of this website.

By that we mean these things do come back up for sale. The subscribers of this LHFS website were lucky enough to have such a fortuitous event happen when the buyer who contracted to purchase Strathy Point Complex a decade or so ago, then decided not to go ahead. We put an offer in, and to much delight it was accepted.

 Dunnet Head Lighthouse Store David Glass RSZ2

Dunnet Head Lighthouse Store Inscription (c) 2013 David Glass

The inscription is above the door of the Lighthouse Store which was built to receive stores shipped in for Dunnet Head Lighthouse.

So it may still be possible, with a little dedication and ingenuity, to buy this Lighthouse Building at Dunnet Head from the current/new owner. Notwithstanding, it is recently classified via Aberdeen and Northern Estates – 01467 437000 as “under offer”. It might be an idea to give them your details in case the current sale [October 2013] doesn’t go through.

Though if the sale has gone through, there are always other options. You can always write a polite letter to the owners. Though this building appears unoccupied and boarded up. So you could do worse than read our …

Unique Property Manual – Lighthouse Research Assistance

[All proceeds go to keeping this website free to use]

This gives tried and tested guidance for locating the owners when they live at another location.

Some further information can be researched at …


One last point: if you do go up to Dunnet Head which is the most northerly point in the British Mainland, and end up at the actual Dunnet Head Lighthouse [a fair distance up the road], please do NOT do what dozy features writing this did. In order to obtain a better angle from which to photograph Dunnet Head Lighthouse, he stepped over a fairly low wall, only to discover on the other side of this wall was an old, thin, goat track separating him from his maker. Two more steps and a 300 foot sheer cliff drop down to the sea and jaggy rocks beneath. Rest assured, and even with a recent back operation, the adrenaline kicked in, and a very quick leap was made back to the safe side of the wall. After 25 years scampering around lighthouses you would think that the writer of this would know better. So PLEASE exercise caution when walking around any lighthouse location.

Writing of locations, for the record this Dunnet Head Lighthouse Store Building is as follows:-

Location: Lighthouse Store, Brough, Dunnet, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 8XR.

Tenure: Feuhold [Scottish Freehold Equivalent].

Guide: £10,000Currently Under OfferThough Keep An Eye On This One.

Online Details …


Any questions, please feel free to contact us ….

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