Future Sales

Research & Prediction – As Above – Came True (c) 2012 Russ McLean

With such a busy period on the lighthouse front – the most prolific in 25 years living at lighthouses – it is an opportune time to consider some incredibly tasty morsels that are coming up for sale.

When they do, we hope you can say that you read it here first.

Just in case you missed it earlier, we promise plenty of information here, for OUR readers that WILL produce lighthouse towers coming up for sale. Here is just a small sample of real proof…


For lighthouse buying sleuths, if you read the entire Telegraph newspaper feature [weblinked above], you will see, and be able to have special advance notice of actual lighthouse towers that are just being “extinguished”. This and other information, gives you the details of those which are due to be placed on the FOR SALE list in the near future. Our promise, is to do our best to ensure that “Lighthouses For Sale” website readers have the heads-up here first.

However, if you really want to go at this Inspector Morse style – lighthouse detecive mode – you could acquire the edge by purchasing a copy of our book….


This shows you the protocols we employed that helped us buy several lighthouses ourselves over the years [proceeds from the book go to keeping this Lighthouses For Sale website and our main Unique Property Bulletin website free to use].

Our hope is that you, our reader might bid on one or two of these fantastic projects and have as much fun as we have.

This website may be a help in starting you on the path to that Golden Beam. The rarest of things.

Please note the photo at the top of this page is of a lighthouse tower that we predicted – during 2011 – would come up for sale. It did. Late in 2012 some very lucky person won a top prize in the lighthouse for sale world. The former lighthouse keepers’ houses pictured to the left were NOT for sale, having been sold off some time ago. But THAT Lighthouse Tower and THAT seaview! Sublime.


If you want to make sure of being notified, please register via our Contact Page …




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