Noss Head Lighthouse: Stables + Gig House + Office For Sale




Guide: £30,000. – UNDER OFFER

Plus Paddock + Fields If Desired: £15,000. UNDER OFFER

Noss Head Lighthouse Stable Block & Workshops.

This seven bay former lighthouse station workshop and stable building (with several acres of land should a new owner wish to buy more) is now surplus to requirements and has been placed for sale with full vacant possession.

We understand that since being Category A listed in November 1984 (here) this detached property has been utilised as a stable block plus workshop with associated office, storage and garage use.

Noss Head Lighthouse Stable Block & Workshops

Located to the lower right hand of the aerial photograph – taken in June 2017

Copyright permission by Oracle Drone Services.

In May 2017, the Noss Head Lighthouse Station was purchased by new owners and they do not need all of the buildings. Indeed the received wisdom is that such a large number of properties command quite a lot of time and effort to keep them all in tip top condition. So the current owners have thought long and hard about how best to ensure each property on the former lighthouse station has sufficient maintenance + TLC and funds spent on the upkeep of the various buildings.

Noss Head Lighthouse Stable Block & Workshops – Door Side

The result of this consideration about the future of Noss Head Lighthouse Station was impacted by the near derelict state the previous owner, Mr Ian Sinclair found the main lighthouse keeper dwellings in, during his visit of 1997. Later that year Mr Sinclair purchased the lighthouse compound and after a great deal of blood, toil, sweat and tears, plus a large amount of funding between 1997 and 2006, the main lighthouse keepers’ buildings were all restored to a very high standard. However, it is evident from videos filmed at the time and subsequent paperwork given to the current owners, that the ongoing maintenance budget for the estate of 7 buildings is significant for just one owner. Not to mention a tad too many bedrooms (10).

Similarly for office space – the new (May 2017) owners specialise in supporting newstart business + job creation through business angel initiatives and require an office on site for new employees. However, only one suite of offices are needed at Noss Head.

Noss Head Lighthouse Stable Block & Workshops

Old Stables located to the upper right hand of the aerial photograph – taken in June 2017

Copyright permission by Oracle Drone Services.

Consequently, the new owners had a choice between retaining the old Stables or the former Engine House as much needed premises for their business angel – Real Dragons’ Den enterprise (click here). Incidentally, one of these businesses helped is the website you are on right now!

In July 2017, the decision was made to keep the Engine House, and to sell the old Stable building.

Noss Head Lighthouse Stable Block – Interior

The logic being, that somewhere out there there will be a suitable person to take on the old Stables and provide time, care, dedication and imagination to ensure the building earns it’s keep, provides a useful function, whilst at the same time ensuring sufficient surplus income to preserve and protect a structure, upon which, Historic Scotland have awarded a Category A listing.

Noss Head Lighthouse Stable Block

In The Shadow of The Light

The old Stables are being sold “as is”. Any development, such as holiday cottages, perhaps a “Lighthouse Teahouse” or even use original as a stables with paddock and several acres of equestrian fields nearby, will have to comply with both planning regulations and the rules surrounding the care and custodianship of historically important buildings.

Equestrian use is established and unlikely to require any time consuming change of use permissions.

One of The 7 Workshops/Stores/Rooms – Considerable Potential

Picture above is the square top garage

The buildings have mains supply electricity connected. There is also mains water leading to the external wall of the building which used to supply a sink in the easternmost end.

Interior Space of This Garage Section

The current owners are looking to achieve a sale at £30,000 for the old Stables at Noss Head Lighthouses. However, preference will be given prospective buyers who can provide sufficient “comforts” that the old Stables will be properly preserved and respected. In addition, purchasers who are able to help create new, local jobs, either onsite, or in support services – for example if a holiday cottage conversion is made, someone to make sure guests are met and the property is managed well, will be given as much support as can be mustered. The priority here is to create local, sustainable jobs, whilst ensuring a viable future for the old Stables at the Noss Head Lighthouse Station.

Sea View From One of The 7 Workshops/Stores/Rooms

Picture above is the curved arch workshop

The current owners of the whole Noss Head Lighthouse Compound have spent 20 years supporting newstart businesses in small remote towns with fragile economies. In the process being fortunate enough to create over 100 new jobs. Maybe just one part-time job here and a full-time job there, but over time, whether small project or big – all these numbers of new jobs add up. The old Stables may just be a case in point. A couple of jobs may result if the right project is married to this unique building.

Draft Plans Derived From Register of Sassines Official Title Documents

Showing the Stable Block & Land. Plus right of access over road shaded light blue.

This is guided at £30,000. There is an option for a paddock plus fields at an additional £15,000.



Stable Block – Wide Angle Views Over Green Fields + Loch + Sea.

The old Stables at Noss Head Lighthouse Station are located 10 minutes drive from Wick Airport (here). There are between 3 and 5 scheduled flights each day from Wick Airport. It is very civilised. The noise of aircraft is not anything like the problem of living under London Heathrow’s flight path! The benefit is that having a modest regional airport nearby to the lighthouses means flight travel to London, Manchester, Edinburgh and beyond to other UK airports and also international hub airports is managed with relative ease. Noss Head Lighthouses are far from the madding crowd, yet very accessible as a sanctuary away from high paced city life. 

Please do not travel to the old Stables at Noss Head Lighthouse Station without first checking that it is still fully for sale. The contact number is 0793 557 2803.

The guide price for the Old Stables is £30,000. UNDER OFFER.

Fields & Paddock : £15,000. UNDER OFFER.

Please note, the lighthouse tower is NOT included.

Location/Address: The Old Stables, Noss Head Lighthouse Station, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4QT

Enquiries: Click Here. Alternatively text/telephone: 0793 557 2803


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Connectivity – Wick Airport (here) provides an easy access to and from the lighthouses...


Noss Head Lighthouse Stable Block & Workshops – Window View.