Selling Your Lighthouse



Are You Selling Your Lighthouse Building?

We can help you – just as we have helped hundreds of folk over the past 25 years.

Check out the current reach-rate of our Facebook page: 186,399 readers.

That achieved a £99,500 sale when the guide price was £85,000.

On top of our social media pages, we have two main websites with up to 100,000 readers at peak periods.

186,399 Folk Saw Our Main Website Listing.

A £99,500 sale was the direct result.

Around £2,000 in estate agency fees were saved as there were none to pay!

We can certainly help you sell your property. For example, as well as 34,000 readers who visit this Lighthouses For Sale website, our sister site, Unique Property Bulletin can tip the 70,000 readership level.

All of this is run by volunteers who have a passion for unusual buildings, especially the lighthouse genre.

Our not-for-profit website can save you several thousand pounds in estate agency fees as we have a “nominal” remuneration structure:-

1]. Photo-Box-Ad  £99.

2]. Hosted webpage for your property: £120.

3]. Our team members’ hourly rate (when sought): £15. This is donated to the main website to help pay the website running costs.

The latter is for time taken to tailor your dedicated webpage and email our client list containing several thousand active property buyers.

Please telephone or text: 0793 557 2803 for more details


Photo Box Adverts: £99 for 99 Days

Generally we recommend you consider starting with a Photo-Box-Ad….

Photo-Box-Adverts: £99 for 99 Days.

These Photo-Box-Ads (here) appear on every one of our webpages and with just one click – this box hyperlinks the potential buyer direct to your estate agent, or your own webpage.

Don’t worry if you have no webpage, we can provide that for you… 

Dedicated Page Hosted By Us: £120.

At your option – we can host a dedicated page for your lighthouse building sale on our Lighthouses For Sale website. The honorarium for this is £120 per annum. That includes the basic layout of narrative upload and approximately 6 photographs. This is linked to an editorial segment for you on the front page of our website.

Example of dedicated website…

(summary excerpt/example)




Dedicated Page Hosted By Us: £120.

The above dedicated webpage is similar to that which we host on our website for you. It is ideal for DIY sales or if you would like a belts-and-braces approach with both your traditional estate agent + your own efforts + our endeavours to help obtain the best price for your lighthouse building sale.

It is also important to note, and a very subtle issue, but if/when you instruct an estate agent to sell your lighthouse building, it may take several weeks for their listing to percolate through the search engines such as Google and make it to page one of the main internet SEO rankings.

If we already have a nominal hosting of your lighthouse building, then you are likely to gravitate to a page 1 ranking on the likes of Google within hours of your Photo-Box-Advert/Dedicated Webpage going “live”. This can be very important if you wish to sell in a prompt and efficient manner.


£15 Per Hour For Bespoke Service

This can be zero or it can be £450+ and any amount inbetween. Entirely up to you.

It all depends on what you need and how much time you wish us to devote to your sale. Please remember we are a not-for-profit website and run by volunteers. We have a significant amount of costs in hosting fees, IT equipment, security and soon we need to employ staff as our 4 main volunteers are often up at 1am answering emails to get the job done due to the phenomenal growth in this website’s readership and enquiry rates!

Here is an example of what we do in addition to Photo-Box-Ad facility and the Webpage Hosting…

Volunteers of This Website Work Hard To Achieve Sales/Purchases

The publicity side of our work leads back to the two websites we feature your lighthouse buildings for sale or rent within…



These websites achieve results. Our readers delight in buying their dream lighthouse home, and numerous folk selling lighthouses have secured a sale through this website.

Just check out our Google rankings – this is incredibly important in getting potential buyers to your door…

As for newspaper content, we cannot guarantee this, and a LOT depends on which National/Regional/Local publication is looking for space to fill with timing etc., proving important.

But when we do secure feature articles such as this 2 page feature in a major national newspaper, we go over 10,000 page views within 2 hours… 

Brief Excerpt From Original Newspaper Article: Click Here

We can push the boat out and help give you a decent amount of coverage in selling your lighthouse building.

For a fraction of that £3,000 to £11,000 estate agency fee, you can have a good start for just £99 + £120 with our Photo-Box-Advert plus Dedicated Hosted Webpage on our sites…

Click Here For Information On The £99 package.

To find out more about how we can assist you achieve a sale, please.

Text us at: 0793 557 2803

We shall make best endeavours to help,

Lighthouses For Sale Team.